Welcome to Alpha Delta Inc.

Our Philosophy

Communications – it has changed so fast, even unlimited wireless data plans are now obsolete. Who would have thought calling someone wasn’t fast enough or efficient enough, you had to text them too.

We understand that your business needs to focus on what makes your organization profitable, and most of the time that does not include pouring over telecom and datacom bills and options – that is why we do it. Our website states “we focus on your telecom so you can focus on your business” which is still the case, has grown to include wireless and equipment.

The first thing people notice when they walk into our office is that it is open – no walls or cubes. Done by design, this is because we constantly communicate internally; ensuring any and all customer questions are answered after they have been tested by some or all of the 100+ years of experience we have in telecom and data communications.

The reason our customers don’t leave us is because we do the work – when trouble occurs (as it does in this business), our staff does things such as call vendors, put tickets in and track them – which often includes hours of hold time most months. This is what we do; we take care of our customers.

These things and others keep us in the forefront of communications. In 2004 when no one had heard of a new model of phone system, we had already installed it at some of our customers. Our staff has sixty years of combined service in Asia, which has been a great asset to our clients with an Asian presence. The list goes on…

As usual, the best is saved for last - the biggest value our customers receive is the relationships with our team. Most customers know multiple people on staff because we all cover for each other, which is why we are considered a winning team.

Mark Tavitian
Founder and Salesperson

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